Are you sure you are a dog person?

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      Someone asked me this right before I met my cat, Tomtom. I know it sounds funny to say this but I have HATED cats my whole life. I felt like they were one of the worst pets to own. When the woman showed me Tomtom, he was an underweight kitten. She told me his story, how he was found on the side of the high-way in a box with 3 dead siblings. Soon as I held him I cried because I felt his loss. Needless to say, I once thought I was a dog person until I gave a cat a chance.

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      I had an ex who had a cat and he was cool but I still don’t think they are for me. It would take a lot to make me want to own one. I just prefer big dogs. Cats are too small and dainty for me.

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